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If you're after a traditional Greek BBQ, that you've always dreamt of.

Our BBQ is designed to give you a truly Greek BBQ feast.

We love to BBQ, wine & good company, are the essence of Greek living.

We have prepared this BBQ to introduce you to our Greek way of eating.

Our BBQ, comes with salad, tzatziki, fresh potato chips & Baklava.

Relax, enjoy, let the hypnotic smells of a Greek BBQ fill the air & take you to a gastronomic heaven.

Our BBQ is a set menu, & requires a minimum of 6 people, the Kondosouvli requires10 person minimum & the whole lamb requires a minimum of 12 persons.

Pricing depends on the number of people in your group, so please contact us for a price.

Our BBQ's start from €85 pp

€120 service fee also applies.

BBQ Meat Selection


Mixed Grill -       a perfect mix of Lamb, chicken & pork.

Kondosouvli -    a traditional favourite, tender pieces of juicy pork roasted over

                              hot coals on a large sward like spit, (just imagine a huge souvlaki)

Whole Lamb -      Slow roasted over hot coals, this is the what a Greek BBQ is all about.


BBQ Menu  All our BBQ's include


Greek Salad -    All local produce, Tomatoes, cucumber, onion, green pepper, olives &

                             the finest extra virgin olive oil from Chef Spiro's own olive grove in                                                                  Kalamata. 


Tzatziki -           Fresh Greek yogurt, cucumber, garlic & olive oil.

Traditional Bread - Beautiful hand made traditional bread



Fried potatoes with oregano - Crispy golden fried potato chips



Home made Baklava -  This well know sweet will have you begging for more.

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